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The House René de Miscault is a family company situated in Lapoutroie in Alsace (France). We produce brandies, liqueurs, creams, Morello cherries in alcohol, gins and absinths in our distillery in Fougerolles. We pay particular attention to the quality of our products which are often awarded during international contests.

Brandies, liqueurs and Absinth René de Miscault

The Musée des eaux de Vie was born following an idea from René de Miscault, distiller and liqueur producer. In our family distillery in Fougerolles, we produce brandies, liqueurs, absinths, Morello cherries and gins. In the convivial atmosphere of the museum’s shop, you will find all our products available for a tasting, with professional advice.

Our beers: Brewery of the “Pays Welche”

Since the end of 2017, we also have produced beer. Our little brewery, the Brewery “du Pays Welche”, produces 3 sorts of high fermented beer, unfiltered, elaborated with organic malt.

Situated in front of the museum, it can also be visited.

Where is it possible to find our products

Our products are available in different points of sale

The shop of the museum

you will find all our products: brandies, liqueurs, absinths, beer; but also some Alsatian wines, concentrated fruit syrups, glasses…

Our other shops in Alsace



Online shop
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